We all use Instagram but do we really know who tops the charts on Instagram in terms of fan following?

These 10 brands keep their fans aware of their latest events, business activity and backstage footage.

Selena Gomez


Who does not know Selena Gnomes, her brand has the largest fan following on Instagram and has been rated as the top 1 in ranking for such a massive following. Her ranking is the highest because of the dynamic features of her page which shows her latest pictures, her fans, the fashion photos and all information and latest pictures of her personal life.

She has a crazy fan following of 103 million. Wow!! That’s a big number!



Nike is the most famous brand that has the second largest fan following on Instagram.Nike team is very proficient in advertising the pictures of their latest products and also advertise the famous celebrities who wear Nike.

It is one of the best sports brand all over the world with the best active services. Nike has a fan following of 67.3 million.

National Geography


Who does not know about this famous channel, who are also active in providing the latest and well detailed programs about the animals.

It has a superb fan following of 64.6 million on Instagram, which includes all the brave ravishing pictures of the animal eating, hunting, resting or fighting.

FC Barcelona


FC Barcelona has an estimated 42 million fan following on the Instagram which makes it appear at number 4 in the top ranking of top 13. FC Barcelona is the greatest popular sports team which has numerous fan following all around the world.

Their Instagram contains of the latest pictures of the players from the game and off the game, giving their heart throb fans the chance to know what recent is going in their career and personal lives.

The Ellen Show


It’s one of the most famous show watched my millions of its crazy fans from all over the world. It has a fan following of 37.3 million on Instagram.

It is quite active in posting their pictures , running their content, updating about the upcoming shows and provides in the best platform to stay in connect with their fans.



NBA-National Basketball Association is the most famous basketball association which has an estimated 19.7 million of followers on the Instagram.

Those who love basketball would know it well how good this page is to get the latest updates and pictures of their favorite players.

The National Basketball Association’s Instagram feed is made up almost entirely of astounding and dramatic game play pics and videos. With such stunning athleticism up close, there’s little need for much more. NBA has 19.7 million followers on Instagram.



H&M is the most famous clothing retailer which has been winning the hearts of millions by its superb and dynamic designs.

On Instagram it primarily features the latest pictures of its collection and latest trends. It guides its fans about its latest fashion prevailing in the shops and how to buy it online as well. H&M has a fan following of 17.8 million.



NASA the most famous account for the air space lovers has a fan following of 17.6 million on Instagram and it keeps its fans intact by publishing latest information and pictures about space and technology.



The word CHANNEL rings the bell of style with sophistication. This famous brand has an immense fan following of 16.6 million on the Instagram.

CHANNEL’s handbags, wallets, clutches, and shoes are very much in nowadays. It not only shows the celebrity endorsement pictures but also the videos that can help its viewers to take great help regarding fashion.



ZARA is another famous attire brand who is badly famous for its beautiful cuts and styles to be worn in variant seasons.

It has a fan following of 14.8 million followers on Instagram. ZARA is famous for launching 12000 different designs every year, this feature keeps them famous above all. Its page comprise of the latest fashion and celebrity endorsement with the pictures of the latest designs in store.