eCommerce brings outstanding opportunities for small to medium businesses. When a business chooses to incorporate eCommerce strategies, it will not only increase its revenues but also improve its brand image.

eCommerce happens to be a significant part of a digital business strategy and a must have for all small to medium businesses that are eager to succeed. We have compiled a list of some important eCommerce strategies that will guarantee a business’ growth.

Simple Navigation

Easy to understand navigation is an essential key to achieve eCommerce success. Enabling your customers to easily locate a product through clear labels, filters and parent categories will encourage conversion.

Exclusive Product Content

This is your competitive advantage over your competitors.  Doing so, will increase your SEO and bring more and more people to your site.

Exquisite Images

Having outstanding product photos on your website is an exceptional medium to communicate with your audience. Good photos act as representatives for your brand and are shareable on social media, leading to higher sales.

Good URLs

Ensure that your website URLs are easy to understand. Concentrate on keywords and detach different category keywords using hyphens.

Blog Regularly

Generating quality content regularly guarantees that your website isn’t left behind in Google’s search pages, and creates credibility among your potential customers. It boosts the level of engagement also, which you can use to drive customers to your eCommerce store.

Provide Incentives

Offering incentives such as free shipping or discounted items in bundle offers can not only increase conversion but also help you in attaining competitive advantage. Things like discounted bonus items and free shipping over a certain price, help your average order value grow.

Abandoned Cart Emails

In the world of eCommerce many shopping carts are abandoned when customers fail to check out. Sending out an email to these customers reminding them of purchase interest and encouraging them to act fast is surprisingly effective. Creative copy and discount incentives come in handy in these emails too.

Targeted Re-Marketing

Targeted re-marketing towards the abandoned shopping carts through Facebook, display advertising, and Google Search advertising is a very helpful medium to boost sales.

Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews can have a positive impact on your conversion rate. Over 60% of customers read product reviews before confirming a purchase and positive reviews have been substantially improving sales. Moreover, these reviews are an awesome resource for SEO with original content.

Short Checkout Process

An innovative design, avoiding processes like ‘Sign-in first’ will sure optimize your checkout process. Thus, certify sales success and limit cart abandonment. Don’t compromise on security though and always assure customers that their details are safe.

Recommend Products and Upsells

eCommerce upselling is important element used to increase the percentage of customers that this technique will work on. However, ascertain that your offer is relevant to products and upgrades towards the end of the order and provide customers with options to frame upgrades as an either/or choice.

If you apply these effective eCommerce strategies, they will make your sales grow, increase your engagement, ultimately improving your brand.

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